San Pellegrino + Bon Appétit


“Chef Ludo’s 5 Favorite L.A. Bites”

During this week-long shoot for San Pellegrino in partnership with Bon Appétit Magazine, I followed celebrity chef, Ludo Lefebvre, to his top 5 dishes in LA. The dishes included a Thai green papaya salad from Night + Market Song, chocolate croissant from Chaumont Bakery, quiche from Sycamore Kitchen, Ding’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich from Honor Bar and the über spicy “Dynamite Curry” from Jitlada Restaurant. At each location, I photographed the interiors and exteriors of the restaurants, cooking/prep shots with each chef in the kitchen and the final plated dish with a bottle of San Pellegrino.

Some of these images have been published on the homepage of,, social media ads and on a brand new microsite specifically created for this campaign.

Images from Part 2 of the shoot from New York City is coming soon!

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