San Pellegrino x Bon Appétit – Product Photography

Advertising, Food

In a partnership with San Pellegrino and Bon Appétit, I photographed 10 restaurants in two cities (Los Angeles and New York City). Celebrity chefs Ludo Lefebvre and April Bloomfield selected 5 of their favorite dishes from their respective cities and restaurants. I photographed each dish — from raw ingredients to the cooking process, to the final plated shot with the appropriate San Pellegrino bottle.

Los Angeles Restaurants: Sycamore Kitchen, Chaumont Bakery, The Honor Bar, Night + Market Song, Jitlada.

New York City Restaurants: Loring Place, The Breslin, Maialino, A Salt & Battery, Mission Chinese.

Food Styling by Caroline Hwang and Anna Billingskog.

Also see additional food and restaurant photography from this shoot in New York City and Los Angeles.

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