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April Bloomfield + Ludo Lefebvre

During a 2-week photo shoot for San Pellegrino in partnership with Bon Appétit, I photographed celebrity chefs Ludo Lefebvre in Los Angeles and April Bloomfield in New York City, alongside five of their favorite dishes from their respective cities and restaurants. With a full crew, we went into 10 restaurants — from Night + Market Song in LA’s Silver Lake to The Breslin in Midtown, Manhattan — to capture the atmosphere of each place and one chef-selected dish there. While on site, I got to go into the bustling kitchens and capture the entire cooking process, from raw ingredients to the final plated shot with San Pellegrino.

These images have been used all over, within features on and on various social media ads and promotions.

Restaurants List:

Photos of Chef Ludo lefebvre - Lifestyle and Food Photographer, Los Angeles, California - Bon Appetit Magazine - San Pellegrino
Chefs Ludo Lefebvre and April Bloomfield - Best Restaurant and Food Photographer New York City - Bon Appétit Magazine - San Pellegrino

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